A study on the republic of congo

On 17 Januaryhe was handed over to Katangan authorities and executed by Belgian-led Katangese troops.

A study on the republic of congo

Lumumba declared Kasavubu's action unconstitutional and a crisis between the two leaders developed. On 17 Januaryhe was handed over to Katangan authorities and executed by Belgian-led Katangese troops.

The secession ended in January with the assistance of UN forces. With financial support from the United States and Belgium, Mobutu paid his soldiers privately. The new president had the staunch support of the United States because of his opposition to Communism; the US believed that his administration would serve as an effective counter to communist movements in Africa.

He periodically held elections in which he was the only candidate. Although relative peace and stability were achieved, Mobutu's government was guilty of severe human rights violations, political repression, a cult of personality and corruption.

By late Mobutu had successfully neutralized his political opponents and rivals, either through co-opting them into his regime, arresting them, or rendering them otherwise politically impotent.

Kasa-Vubu's death in April ensured that no person with First Republic credentials could challenge his rule. He traveled frequently across the continent while the government became more vocal about African issues, particularly those relating to the southern region.

Zaire established semi-clientelist relationships with several smaller African states, especially Burundi, Chad, and Togo.

Zaire became a kleptocracy as Mobutu and his associates embezzled government funds. Mobutu with the Dutch Prince Bernhard in Kinshasa in In a campaign to identify himself with African nationalism, starting on 1 JuneMobutu renamed the nation's cities: This renaming campaign was completed in the s.

InMobutu renamed the country the Republic of Zaire, [20] its fourth name change in 11 years and its sixth overall.

The Congo River was renamed the Zaire River. During the s and s, he was invited to visit the United States on several occasions, meeting with U.

Opponents within Zaire stepped up demands for reform. This atmosphere contributed to Mobutu's declaring the Third Republic inwhose constitution was supposed to pave the way for democratic reform. The reforms turned out to be largely cosmetic. Mobutu continued in power until armed forces forced him to flee in In Mobutu fled and Kabila marched into Kinshasa, named himself president, and reverted the name of the country to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Kabila later requested that foreign military forces return to their own countries. He had concerns that the Rwandan officers running his army were plotting to give the presidency to a Tutsi who would report directly to Rwandan president, Paul Kagame. Angolan, Zimbabwean and Namibian militaries entered the hostilities on the side of the government.

Kabila was assassinated in His son Joseph Kabila succeeded him and called for multilateral peace-talks.

A study on the republic of congo

By June all foreign armies except those of Rwanda had pulled out of Congo. A transitional government was set up until after the election. A constitution was approved by voters, and on 30 July DRC held its first multi-party elections.

An election-result dispute between Kabila and Jean-Pierre Bemba turned into an all-out battle between their supporters in the streets of Kinshasa. MONUC took control of the city. A new election took place in Octoberwhich Kabila won, and on December he was sworn in as President.

They were believed[ by whom? The CNDP signed a peace treaty with the government in which it agreed to become a political party and to have its soldiers tinto the national army in exchange for the release of its imprisoned members.

One study found that more thanwomen are raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo every year.

A study on the republic of congo

The rebels were thought to be Allied Democratic Forces.Buy data Donate Updates: Fabien Antoine gave me a reference that shows that the reorganization under the new constitution has been passed into law. The Democratic Republic of Congo promulgated its new constitution on The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire, is the second largest country in Africa and rich in gold, diamonds and minerals in the East of the country.

It has been plagued by violent conflict for a decade, though both the Congolese and the West have hopes that elections held in U.S. & The Democratic Republic of the Congo. U.S. $ Notes Remain Legal Tender; Home Home | Education & Culture | Study in the U.S.A.

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External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy. A large poliomyelitis outbreak occurred in in the Republic of Congo.

This paper describes the demographic and clinical characteristics of poliomyelitis cases and their outcomes following physiotherapy. Demographic and clinical data were collected on individuals between November 23, . Long-term logging study demonstrates impacts on chimpanzees and gorillas (Republic of Congo) Multi-year study highlights impacts before, during and after selective logging on great ape populations.

As China strives to build economic and trading links in Central Africa and the Congo, the US launches Hybrid War tactics to disrupt them.

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