Project paper on ambit energy

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Project paper on ambit energy

On our agency side, Ambit Creative Group, we tell stories and solve problems, from revitalizing your brand to building a slam-dunk presentation, video or campaign.

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On the print and operations side, The Ambit Works, we focus on delivering business solutions. We get your printed work where it needs to be, when you need it. We figure out how to creatively package and deliver a wide variety of items. We create amazing event exhibit systems.

In short, wherever your needs are on the marketing and print spectrum, we can help. Our family-owned business is firmly rooted here and is a trusted name within the MIT, Boston and Cambridge communities.

A combination of innovation solutions and superior customer service is a hallmark of our business. Our expert print and design services have nurtured personal, long-term relationships with our MIT customers while providing world-class scale, distribution and resources. This is reflected both in our environmental practices and sustainability efforts and our involvement within the local community and governance.

This is where we live and work, and keeping our environment as vibrant and healthy as possible is on the top of our list of priorities. Environmental Practices We have taken several steps to minimize our impact on the environment through reducing waste, operating more efficient machines, and utilizing eco-friendly papers and inks.

We review projects to develop the most efficient size, using less material, producing less waste and providing faster production and reduced costs. We continuously invest in improving the efficiency of our machines. State-of-the-art four-color direct-imaging offset printing press eliminates the need for plate-making, efficiently produces smaller runs and does not require water in the inking process.

The use of this press saves about two tons of waste from going to the landfill each year.

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Black-and-white energy-star rated digital presses utilize a lower fusing temperature for lower energy consumption, no ozone emissions and virtually no toner waste or particle emissions. Renewable Materials and Responsible Printing Practices: We stock our supplies with the environment in mind and our team can work with you to find the materials to meet your environmental objectives.

Soy- or vegetable-based inks Cleaning done primarily through mechanical cleaning with a water-based detergent and minimum amount of solvent, reducing the amount of chemicals introduced into the environment.

Ability to label finished pieces with appropriate certifications to affirm your commitment to sustainability.

Project paper on ambit energy

Free local delivery with a smaller carbon footprint. Routed deliveries, rather than discrete drop-offs, to speed deliveries, reduce wasted mileage and environmental impact, and increase delivery time accuracy. They use fiber secured only from sources that utilize sustainable practices, with the majority sourced very close to their manufacturing facilities to reduce carbon footprint.

Community involvement As a family-owned and operated business, we have a vested interest in ensuring that the places where we work remain desirable to live, play, and conduct business.Ambit Energy is a wonderful company, I have been a customer for two and a half years.

Never had a problem with them. I have become a consultant with them and the experience has been great!/5(36). Vietnam ’s rapid urbanisation and economic growth is raising the general standard of living, but it also poses a threat to ecosystems. As virgin land quickly turns into construc.


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