Swedish construction industry a research report

For example, if a contractor fails to deliver on a stadium or power plant project, the cost in lost event revenue or production from missed schedules and poor workmanship can be tremendous.

Swedish construction industry a research report

Any development in these sectors will have a direct impact on the construction sector and it shall benefit most from the diversification plans. Greater exposure to trade, attractive investment environment, competition, and diversification are factors affecting the growth of this market.

Plans for new national rail networks are at full pace, with the first phase connecting Muscat and UAE nearing completion.

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Huge investments have been made to develop a new port city project at Sohar Port. The demand for private real estate, with many projects like shopping malls, grade-A office spaces, integrated tourism complexes, etc. The money that is needed to diversify and expand other sectors comes from their oil and gas segment.

The dip in oil prices had a direct impact on the construction sector.

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The other gulf countries have a lot to offer in comparison to Oman and foreign companies prefer them. Currently, the government is putting its best efforts by relaxing regulations to attract foreign investment.

Other hindrances include political instability and inexperienced labor. Analysts in the real estate sector see this as an opportunity as there will be growth in demand for family apartments and units, gated communities, office spaces etc.

Moreover, the government is investing highly in tourism development, which has led to huge investments in building hotels etc. Healthcare is another sector where the government allocated more than USD two billion to build medical city complexes.

The investment climate within the country encourages foreign investment through various incentives. Macro market factors pertinent to this region. Key findings of the study: Key factors driving growth in the market. Most relevant threats and restraints hindering the growth of the market.

Sectors of high return or quick turnaround on investment. Top players in the market by value and volume Company profiles:This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the construction industry in Malaysia.

Swedish construction industry a research report

It provides: Historical () and forecast () valuations of the construction industry in Malaysia, featuring details of key growth drivers. The Industrial Building Construction market research report provides key industry analysis and industry statistics, measures market size, analyzes current and future industry trends and shows market share for the industry’s largest companies.

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Construction and human health, Connection of construction to human Physiological,, Psychological impacts, culture, coolness, peace and well being can also be connected.

The Oman construction report is the study of the construction sector in the region, segmented into commercial, industrial, infrastructure, institutional and residential construction etc., with data on trade, prices, trends, growth, competition and investment analysis.

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