Write an essay about refugees

August, Who Refugees Are Refugees are people who leave their homes in order to seek safety, or refuge.

Write an essay about refugees

Teaching about the global refugee crisis may require special sensitivity. The activity might be especially intense for students with a personal connection to the issue. Teachers should help promote careful consideration of the topic and work to make their classrooms a safe place for all students.

Colored pencils or markers are helpful for this activity. What is a refugee? What are some reasons that refugees leave their homes?

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Make sure that students understand the difference between a refugee, an internally displaced person, and a migrant.

Review what it means for a person to apply for asylum. You may wish to show the following Choices Video to help introduce the terms: What are refugees and internally displaced persons?

Mapping the Global Crisis Explain to students that in order to better understand the scope of the crisis, they are going to analyze data on refugees and IDPs and then map the information. Instruct students to read through the data handout on their own.

Next, guide the class through the instructions for shading in the map on the Mapping the Global Crisis handout. You may wish to have students complete this activity in pairs or small groups. It might be helpful to project the map onto a screen or whiteboard, either for reference or for a spin on the activity.

write an essay about refugees

To modify the activity and complete as a class, students could collaboratively shade in the countries on the map projection. If colored pencils or markers are not available for your classroom, consider instructing students to use patterns, in place of colors, when shading in areas on the map.

After the class has completed the exercise, ask students to reflect on what they have mapped and read. Were they surprised by any of the data? Which numbers were the most striking? How does the data compare to what they expected to see? Ask students about the countries they shaded.

What do students know about the current situation in countries that are the greatest sources of refugees and IDPs, such as Syria, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Iraq? Why might such large numbers of people be leaving their homes in these places?

Ask students about the top host countries and countries with the most asylum applications. Why might refugees go to these countries? Encourage students to look at the location of these countries on the map.

How does location affect where refugees go? What might be other reasons that so many refugees end up in these countries? What responsibility do these countries have for protecting refugees? Break the class into small groups or pairs. You may wish to only give each group a copy of the story that they will map instead of the entire packet of stories.

Depending on class size, you may choose to use all of the stories listed below in this exercise, or you may prefer to select only a few. Be sure to preview the following sources to make sure they are appropriate for your classroom.We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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Sep 01,  · Hi Daniel, If you don’t mind can you go into a little bit deeper analysis such as a little bit more information on titles #1, #5 and #4?

because I like the way you structured the responses through questions, but I just need a little more help to select and write the essay. What are refugees and internally displaced persons?


Mapping the Global Crisis. Explain to students that in order to better understand the scope of the crisis, they are going to analyze data on refugees and IDPs and then map the information.

The trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange just after the crash of On Black Tuesday, October twenty-ninth, the market collapsed. Refugees who fail to cross an international border do not technically qualify as refugees, nor are they eligible for the protection of international law and many refugee services.

These internally-displaced persons flee human-rights abuses and violence exactly like refugees do, yet they are turned away at international borders or unable to.

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